The most beautiful secrets of leather care

Caring for leather is an art , it means preserving the elegance of an exceptional material, it means preserving the unique soul of a piece of leather goods.

When the best way to take care of your luxury bag is in the hands of designer craftsmen, every woman must adopt the right gestures to enhance her creation.

How to feed the leather of a bag ? Which product to moisturize the leather ? How to maintain your leather handbag ? How to give new life to leather ? REGNO answers questions from leather goods enthusiasts.

Push the doors of our family workshop, come and discover our secrets for a leather bag that gets better with time.

Leather: a noble and living material to maintain  

A living and resistant material, leather breathes, ages, softens and changes over time. A noble material, its flower and its rind deserve special attention.

Treated by the tanner, the leather reveals all its qualities by becoming a durable and robust material , a treasure to be cared for to keep it in its most beautiful light.

Persistent humidity, dryness and extreme heat are the enemies of your favorite bag, pests altering its quality, its smell, its appearance, those details that make you love it so much.

Protecting your leather goods from light, sunlight, bad weather, dirt and stains is essential, it's the best way to guarantee maximum durability of full-grain leather and split leather.

The leather maintenance process cleans, moisturizes and protects your bag, but it is also the ideal routine to enhance its patina, reveal its unique appearance, keep its grain and revive its crust. 

Accompanying each of your pieces with the right care restores suppleness, prevents cracking, reduces chapping, which is the recipe for improving real leather.

leather bag maintenance care

How often should you clean leather ? Regularly according to use, accompanied by a thorough cleaning by a professional once a year for top-of-the-range maintenance.

Adopting our recommendations to pamper your luxury leather goods is a declaration of love for French know-how, the passion of artisans, and the elegance of unique leather.

How to maintain and clean a leather bag?

Golden rule, each leather has its own type of maintenance! Exotic leathers, suede leather, aniline leather, nubuck leather, velvet leather, iguana leather, all types of leather require special treatment.

Through this guide, our team of experts shares general advice and recommendations, always to be adapted to your piece of leather goods.

What accessories to look after a luxury leather goods ?

  • A soft, dry chamois-like cloth
  • A soft bristle brush
  • A waterproofing agent
  • A nourishing
  • A cleanser

Forget shoe waterproofing , lace cleaner , stiff brush , damp sponge , bleach , white vinegar and other tips recommended by novices, go for the best.

leather cleaning accessories

Other accessories such as suede gum, renovator or dye are effective depending on the type of leather, seek personalized advice from the clothing house .

REGNO invites lovers of leather goods to proscribe the use of moisturizing cream, cleansing milk, make-up remover and other beauty products intended for human skin, not leather.

Both perfumes and active ingredients alter the quality of this noble material, which is why vigilance is required when dealing with products that are not specific to the treatment of leather fibres. 

On the other hand, the natural properties of the earth of sommières like those of clay prove to be effective in removing a greasy substance, eliminating an odor or removing a stain, with the agreement of a specialist.

It's time for the well-being bubble, with the help of a dab of elbow grease:

  1. Remove dust and other foreign bodies with a chamois leather.
  2. Gently rub with a cleansing gel, forming small circles, and without forcing the skin of the leather. Use a soft brush to rid the folds and seams of dirt.
  3. Wipe the entire bag with a cloth to get rid of residue, then let it dry.
  4. Nourish the leather with a fatty substance during a massage with circular gestures aimed at making the product penetrate.
  5. Spray the bag with waterproof protection to create a water-repellent effect.

REGNO tip : gently and gradually dab with a soaked cloth, the amount of care product is sufficient when the leather is saturated, i.e. when it remains on the surface.

It should be noted that the interior of leather goods deserves to be emptied and cleaned regularly, just like the jewellery, the buckles, the barb, the slide must be rid of dirt.

Need to refresh the color of your leather ? Give a penetrating massage with a renovating cream to revive the skin of your bag! Using a soft cloth, apply the product, then remove the excess before leaving to dry in the open air.

The art of preserving and reviving leather goods

Cleaning routine adopted ? Follow our precautions to protect your top-of-the-range bag and maintain optimal leather quality:

  • Do not hang your bag to preserve the straps
  • Process tasks quickly without waiting for an incident
  • Follow our leather care tips to revive your luxury bag
  • Always carry out good maintenance at the risk of altering the dyeing of the leather
  • Store your bag away from heat sources (exposure to the sun, radiators, etc.)
  • Fill your bag with fabrics or tissue paper to preserve its shape
  • Always use quality, solvent-free products suitable for the leather to be enhanced
  • Keep your leather goods in a fabric case so that the air can pass without letting too intense light or dust penetrate

Premium leather care by REGNO

REGNO is a dream, REGNO is the realization of your desires, REGNO is luxury leather goods, REGNO is the unique bag to pamper for life.

Top-of-the-range product, top-of-the-range maintenance ! Crafted with delicacy, each fine leather goods deserves the best thanks to the comprehensive cleaning service by REGNO.

manual maintenance leather bag

From the base of the bag to the clasp, via the strap, the delicate little hands of our workshop offer a unique care bubble to your bag. Iguana leather, cow leather or vegetable leather, each piece is maintained according to the rules of the art .

At the heart of a privileged moment, our craftsmen work the fibers of your luxurious leather by mixing high standards with passion, so as to preserve its appearance, give shine, prolong its durability.

Give the best care to the goldsmithery of your bag, our craftsmen take care of renovating, maintaining and embellishing each gilding adorning your haute couture work.

Entrust your luxury bag to REGNO craftsmen for a sumptuous pampering and fall in love with your creation every day.