Made in France or the marriage between quality and ancestral know-how

Quality, ecology, economy, know-how, excellence, these are the watchwords of made in France , a guarantee of quality and a challenge for the future for every citizen.

Committed to the democratization of French-made products, REGNO votes in favor of traceability , of the manufactured in compliance with characteristics essential to high quality.

Through this article dedicated to the manufacturing brand of French origin , discover why wearing quality Made in France leather goods restores the image of our country.

Made in France, what is it?

" Made in France " is the original marking present on your REGNO Paris leather goods, the stamping of items designed and manufactured in France.

Combining trust and quality , this appellation framed by the French customs code and consumer code aims to promote brands that make French products.

Through its requirements, “ Made in France ” promotes know-how , innovation , creativity , expertise and the requirements of national industry.

The goal ? Embellish the market with quality finished products, robust, wear-resistant, unique pieces with remarkable finishes.

craft work leather bag

Good to know, the marking on the origin of a non-food product is not compulsory in France, each brand is able to make this committed choice for Made in France .

Despite this labeling valuing the French manufacture , it should be noted that a product stamped with the original marking is possibly:

  • Made by a non-French company
  • Partially manufactured with imported raw materials or components
  • Made in France with a final substantial transformation on the territory
To unearth authentic products, pay attention to mentions of the type “created in Paris”, “French brand” or even the affixing of tricolor colors, designations without guarantee that are sometimes misleading.

How to know if a product is Made in France?

Adopting “Made in France” encourages fairer consumption, however, this symbolic act is far from sufficient.

Convinced that the requirements for origin marking would benefit from improving, we recommend strengthening your commitment with the help of additional labels ( IG , Origine France Garantie , Entreprise du patrimoine vivant , France terre textile ).

These certifications encourage better social and human involvement by promoting quality raw materials, an invitation to revitalize territorial know-how .

Alongside the creators of tomorrow, realize the dreams of craftsmen campaigning for transparency in the manufacturing stages, a sine qua non condition for high quality ranges.

REGNO is one of the new French brands adopting the fact in France and promoting the geographical indication, proudly wear our creations.

Buy well and better: why choose products made in France?

Choosing made in France means honoring companies, craftsmen, producers, workers, materials, rights. Faced with the challenges of globalization, consuming production stamped with the mention of origin is essential.

Quality, durability, safety, innovation and ethics come together to offer lovers of quality products the opportunity to take sides in favor of responsible consumption .

buy french products

Aiming for excellence is much more than a label, it is a promise to respect standards during production, it is a societal commitment, it is a gesture in favor of the planet.

Games and toys, wardrobes, cosmetics or linens, French production is full of marvels made with respect for people and the environment.

Acting in the present, revolutionizing the way we buy, preserving the planet, supporting the economy, these are powerful actions, those that build a sustainable future for our children, a life for future generations.

To the defenders of imports valuing a lower cost price for products manufactured abroad, French manufacturers will reply that the cost for the environment is increasing. Undertaking today to improve tomorrow is possible, the power is in the hands of each creator.

Preferring responsible consumption through French industry concedes a number of benefits, for example:

  • Institute fair trade
  • Perpetuating French know-how
  • Preserving the national economic model
  • Boosting made-to-order products
  • Curb offshoring and talent drain
  • Comply with French production standards
  • Encourage the creation of jobs in the territory
  • Commit to the preservation of the environment
  • Support the local economy and the French economy
  • Promoting French research and development
  • Protect workers by respecting social rights
  • Reducing the environmental impact from production to consumption

The REGNO house strives to put the light back on exceptional materials worked by enthusiasts, craftsmen with inimitable know-how , a gesture to support by dressing your shoulder with our leather goods.

REGNO: a house committed to French manufacturing

REGNO wants to be a tribute to our leather goods and glove-making grandmother, an echo of the work of noble materials, of fashion pieces made according to the rules of the art.

Putting “made in France” on each bag designed and designed for you highlights our strong commitment to local production at the heart of structures on a human scale, for the economy, for the environment.

french craftsmanship leather

Made with the greatest care, each REGNO Paris creation is the result of an artisanal manufacturing process , far from unbridled factory production. As a testimony to the excellence of French know-how, our products exude human values ​​such as eco-responsibility.

Luxury and voluptuousness vibrate at the heart of the workshop, combining wonderfully in a responsible production approach . At REGNO, the stock does not exist, the place is to manufacture on demand.

Leather born in the south of France and bag jewelry locally made to measure meet during a delicate manual assembly so as to give birth to an exceptional piece.

Leatherworkers, model makers, dressmakers and goldsmiths compose using ancestral craft techniques for an unrivaled luxury finish that breathes the tricolor soul.

A committed family house, REGNO is for lovers of luxury clothing, lovers of French know-how , an invaluable heritage treasure.

Each product made in France is a promise, each reasoned purchase is a vote, REGNO is committed to dressing each woman with strong values, the rest of the story takes shape with your bag. 

And you, what French creation sublimates your style with elegance?